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Find config for an unknown screen  


Hi there!
I have elements of an unused LED Screen, and want to make use of it again.
The device is located in Nuremberg, Germany, and is ca 5 years old.
There is a novastar MCTRL-300 frame grabber, which connects to several novastar MRV-210 receiving cards in the screen.

The screen itself has no labels, the supplier is unknown.
The aluminum frame looks similar to the ATS series of auroled
The way the LED strips clip are built, and how they clip to the frame from the front. The LEDs are almost certainly AUROLED SMD4312 as seen on
The LED-strip is marked with ARD-B64L6-4S-8B
The board inside the frame, where the strips connect to is marked with ARD-F24L8-IO-4S-A1

- The aluminum frame of one screen element is 125cm by 125cm, and ca. 10cm thick.
- One LED-strip has 192 LEDs. Pitch 6.25mm
- In on frame there are 156 LED-strips (8mm pitch) and two MRV-210 cards.

There is no configuration known for the MVR-210 and MCTRL-300. We were not able to find something usable with the Smart config feature of the NovaLCT software. We always see multiple colors, extra dots, missing rows and columns, when the software asks us what color we see, and how many rows are lit.
I assume, we first need to load a manufacturers config file into the MRV-210 cards, before this smart config can be used. I've seen the 'load config from file' function, but I don't have any config files.

Do you have any hits how to proceed?
I am willing to spend a few evenings worth of time on the screen to learn more.
Right now, there is no budget for professional service.

Posted : 01/08/2020 10:44 pm

Hi sir,first you must know what the module chip is,what the row decoding type is. And you can find them in the back of module.

Posted : 26/08/2020 10:35 am