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Led wall not on Vnnox



We have  a Led wall, and installed Viplex, we try to config on Vnnox cloud so we can manage the Led wall remotely but it doesn’t show up on the cloud. Only if we are present on-site with a laptop does it show online.

Maybe I think this is an Ip problem, not sure, we have connected the TB6 directly to the router by cable but it still doesn’t show up on the cloud. 


Any suggestions on how to fix this? I’m new to this program and we really need to manage remotely.

thanks in advance.


Topic starter Posted : 20/12/2020 10:13 pm

Hi :

    First you need to connect TB6 to the network;then you need to bind the TB6 device to the server; then register and log in the VNNOX software to achieve the function you said . Specific you can also enter our website,  review relevant information.

The website address is :

Posted : 14/01/2021 4:51 pm